Sunday, September 28, 2008


Last Friday we drove to Nürnberg for the Altstadtfest (Old Town Festival)

First, though, we walked up to the castle that overlooks the city.

The boys climbed on the rocks.

I leaned against them.

The view was excellent.

You could even watch people eat. And smoke.

Then we went to the festival, which was on an island in the city center. On the way, the boys stopped for some brats.

The festival had outdoor seating and indoor seating at temporary restaurants constructed for the festival, which lasts just two weeks. But it's not half-assed; these restaurants are sturdy and loaded with decorations and quaint details. We were served by young fraus wearing dirndl, a traditional dress worn in Bavaria and Austria. Many of the male revelers wore lederhosen - without irony. Some of the younger men actually looked quite good in it.

We ate a mountain of food. I had a German version of mac and cheese. For drinks, the kids and I had Fanta. Bob and Ziggy drank beer. Vicki had a drink of half-beer and half-Sprite, which was much better than it sounds.

Then the band began to play. When they saw Bob's camera, they insisted he take their picture and e-mail it to them - and promised it would appear on their website. Not sure if that's happened yet. But by the end of the night we were all quite good friends.

It was chilly that night - about 34 degrees - but no one was serving Glühwein (warm mulled wine). Apparently they don't break it out til Weinacht (Christmas) - no matter how cold it is. But they did have hot pretzels bigger than your head.

They also had ox-on-a-spit - which Bob and his friend Ziggy both tried (and which Bob later regretted).

I, however, joined the boys in my vice of choice, susse - sweets.

* * *


Sparkasse - more than a bank. It's a way of life....

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