Saturday, September 06, 2008


I'm still recovering from the cold, or whatever it is. The body has not been well enough to sign up for a week of classes with Saraswati. I must say, it's rather lonely not practicing at the shala. But I'm in the middle of Osho's book, Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic which seems to be helping one get back in touch with the inner intuition. Nothing wrong with that.

After a mostly sleepless night I awakened utterly exhausted on Thursday. I did the sitting practice and the standing poses before going back to sleep. Later I roused myself with the promise of a pedicure and lunch at Greenleaf, which has a wonderful North Indian thali meal.

On Friday I had enough energy to do the sitting practice and half primary series (through Navasana, plus backbending and full closing). I rested during the middle of the day. Then I headed over to Kumar's in Gokulam, where K made a wonderful Italian dinner, complete with asiago cheese, and assembled a wonderful group of ladies (plus Kumar) to consume it.

Today (Saturday) I did sitting but no asana. I did however run many, many errands in an attempt to get everything done before I leave Mysore on Tuesday. I also visited the framing man with the antique prints; he produced a wonderful one of Balaji (the temple I visited earlier this week). But I worry about him; he's had a fever and didn't look well. Also he kindly offered to get some sugar cane juice for me, but my stomach wasn't quite right and I declined and immediately regretted it.....

* * *

During my visits to the various shopkeers today, I learned the hard way to stop saying "Oota aita?" (Have you eaten?) to my Muslim friends.

Turns out we're in the middle of Ramadan.

I also learned that the wonderful, calm-inducing "music" coming from the speakers at Badsha is not music at all, but recitations from the Koran.

In addition, there are still vibrant Ganesh festivals taking place across the city (one of the biggest is in Gokulam) - yet another reminder to stop and remember why we're here.

Only the best-looking people get served at the beauty saloon

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