Thursday, September 18, 2008


It already smells and feels like fall here. You can get pretzels decorated with pumpkin seeds.

Yesterday we walked the dog along the trails in back of the house.

Well, Vicki walked the dog and I trailed along.

Along the way we saw pensioners out "vandering," or walking with two ski poles. (Apparently retirees earn as much as 3000 Euros per month)

We also went into the city center to pick up school supplies. (Children must write with an old-fashioned fountain pen, by the way).

The teenagers waiting for the bus were all wearing skinny jeans and Vans or Converse All-Stars.

We had lunch at a vegetarian store-cum-restaurant. When VIcki's older boy walked in, he said, "It smells like b.o. in here." He didn't mean body odor but "bio" - as in organic. The boys ate with Bob at McDonald's.

Afterwards, many older people were enjoying a mid-afternoon pastry and coffee at one of the many bakeries.

So we decided to join them.


The photo depicts the Huguenot church in Erlangen, where you catch the bus. The German grandfather mentioned in the last post was actually a Hugenot whose ancestors probably fled France after 1685's Edict of Fontainebleau.


  1. I can almost feel the fresh fall air. Bring it on out here. We
    miss you! Yes, S misses the friend that makes momma happy!

  2. Hi Cara,
    I often read your blog while you were staying in Mysore.
    From your last posts I learned with surprise that you are currently staying in Erlangen, which is the city where I live. What a funny coincidence :-)
    I hope you're enjoying your time here. Erlangen is nice though there isn't much Ashtanga yoga here.
    Have a nice time.