Sunday, September 14, 2008


One spends a lot of time in traffic in Bangalore. But only the very lucky get to ride shotgun in a tall diesel mini-van that doesn't have sliding doors (they were outlawed due to a rash of kidnappings; apparently the sliding door makes it easier to pull the target into the car. Very dark tinted windows have also been banned for the same reason).

Read the statistics and weep; many mishaps are there.

Riding sidesaddle - in a sari, with fresh jasmine in your hair - is the only way to go.

Here, there is no limit to what you can carry on a two-wheeler; from five people to umpteen parcels.

The trucks are pretty.

And so, sometimes, are the rickshaws.

Women usually ride in the front of the bus. Sometimes the busses are so full that men hang off the sides. Sometimes, someone nonchalantly sticks their head out the window and womits.

Other methods are less crowded.

Not so pleasant on the garbage truck, though.

This "Caring for you....always" sticker seems to be on every other car. But what's it for? Insurance? Even our driver didn't know

Good luck with that.... in India.

you. don't. say.

Making more roads.

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