Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I'd hoped to post a bunch of Mysore pictures today, but for some reason the computer can't log on to my friend's new WiFi service. So here are just a couple.

* * *

Of course leaving Mysore was bittersweet.

More sweet than bitter, actually.

I wanted to cry at every goodbye.

Actually I did break down a few times.

I saw the coconut family one last time; they brought out the new baby, Sneha, who is too cute. It's hard to feel bad when you're in the presence of a happy baby. It was especially nice to see the grandfather's face light up around her. He looks years younger.

I also saw the antique print / framing man again; he was looking better this time.

I nearly broke down saying good by to 1/3 of the Three Sisters.

And to my "brothers" at the hotel.

Last night there was another Ganesh procession on our street, which I watched from the roof of the hotel. Afterwards I came down, and the workers - my "brothers" - told me it was coming back, and said they'd come up and get me when it did. They are so sweet. It ended up not coming back. But this morning, just before the hired car arrived (30 minutes late), there was yet another procession. And this time we all saw it, and there were smiles all around. Later the manager had me recite the Ganesh mantra for some of the other guests (as I had for the staff the night before). They all seemed well-pleased / amused by it.

Nonetheless this was an unusually sad parting; it's never been this emotional before. It felt like leaving home (only when I left home I was glad to go).

But I don't know when / if I'll be back.

I'd certainly like to see the Tirupati temple again....

And I did leave a trunk behind -

just in case.

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