Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today we visited the Shiva Mandir or temple, just off Airport Road.

A massive, 32-foot stone Ganesh statue was there.

But the main attraction was an even bigger stone Shiva. Sixty-five feet, to be exact - making it the largest sitting Shiva statue in India.

Water (representing the Ganges River) spouted from his hair.

It felt good to be splashed by Him.

* * *

A group of Rajasthanis were passing by QE and the baby at one point. One of the men marveled at the baby's black, curly hair, and then at QE's straight, blonde hair. He then wanted to know how this could be.

QE pointed at him and said, "You and I look different, too."

He nodded. Then she pointed to his heart, and then to hers

"But inside we are same."

He immediately understood.

Om Nama Shivya!

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