Monday, February 26, 2007


My phone has been fairly quiet since I've gotten back from New York.

(Actually, it's usually pretty quiet, unless I'm working on a story).

But it's been ringing like crazy lately.

I keep coming home to an answering machine full of messages.

But they're not from editors.

Not from sources.

Not from family.

Not from friends.

Not even from would-be paramours.


They're recorded messages from local elected officials who want me to vote for them at Tuesday's primary election.

They must need the votes.

Even Mayor Daley has called.

Three times.

And there's no way he can lose.

His father was Mayor-for-Life.

And now he's Mayor-for-Life.

This article by the Reader's Ben Joravsky agrees that there's no way he'll lose to Dorothy Brown tomorrow.

He compares da mare to a wife-beater, and the spineless electorate to the bloody spouse who refuses to leave, saying, "Well, it's not so bad."

He says we should vote against Daley anyway.

Any takers?

For a list of IVI-IPO endorsed candidates, click here. Or just remember Dorothy Brown for Mayor, Miguel de Valle for clerk, and Yes and Yes on the referenda.


The picture above depicts the shredded beats I added to my midday salad today. The color recalls the mayor's florid complexion.

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  1. Besides Da ruddy complexion, Da Daley King of Chicago is what, 4 feet 11 inches tall?