Friday, February 09, 2007


There are only 14 people in the teacher training.

Half are from Japan. One is from Argentina. Another is a Russian transplant. Three men, I think.

Much of the day was spent with Dharma. He is the real thing.

So are his students, who are also teaching.

Just from their few simple words I think I finally understand all of this "open your heart" business I've heard so many times over the past decade, and which has never been able to penetrate.

We did pranayama, Gita study, meditation....

Can I just say how lucky I am?

I took four classes yesterday; two level I, a gentle class and one advanced class with Dharma. No lunch break. The headache began during the gentle class and disappeared in the middle of the second Level I class.

My first lunch-break will be on Monday.

Apparently I'm teaching next Thursday morning's level one.

They let us use their cheat sheet.

And their regular teachers are there to pick up in case we mess up;

Say, if we forget what comes next.

Or if, god forbid, we accidentally begin teaching ashtanga or something.


After class Kai picked me up in his EX* and took me to the Classic Car Club, which had a lot of new cars and not that many olden ones. Still, it made me feel like a naughty schoolgirl -- who'd turn into a pumpkin at 10PM.

Dreyfus called when we were heading home over the Brooklyn Bridge at 9:45. I have a new grand-niece: Gabriela Page. Mother is fine. And Dreyfus is twice a grandfather.

*that would be a Honda Accord EX


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Three men, I think.?

    I have to ask, you think there are 3 m3n?

  2. congrats to you and grandad