Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Last night after the Bears loss, the veneer (cap) on my front tooth fell off.


This morning there was no heat at Yoga Studio Number One.

The windchill was well below zero.

Yet the students still wanted to practice.

Perhaps to get over the big loss.

The city felt like it was in mourning today.

I like to complain about the mob mentality re; football games but the vibe in the city over the past couple of weeks (prior to Sunday night, that is) was amazing. People more or less were on the same page because the Bears were winning. Even non-fans smirked a little. It's mid-winter and freezing cold and the holidays are long over but we had that little beacon of light. And for in some ways, for a little while, people had more in common than usual. They saw the ways they were like each other (our team of perennial losers is winning!) rather than unlike them.

Which is the goal of yoga.

Of course a fire in the neighborhood will do that, too.

As will several days of double-digit windchills.

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