Saturday, February 10, 2007


Yesterday I dropped back for the first time in months. IT was in class no. 3 (Dharma Mittra Yoga Level II) taught by Dharma. This was after a Level I and a Level IV class. This is the stuff.

We also did the neti pot. I've owned one for over a year but have been afraid to use it. Perhaps because there is "stuff" in my nose? When I got Rolfed last summer, my nose went crazy when Ken put his fingers up it in session #7. We had to keep stopping. I sneezed 17 times and re-lived every time I've been punched in the nose.

Doing the neti pot also recalled some of this. But then I felt high. Damn high.

Dharma's dog thinks I'm a cat / mouse when I wear my cat-ear hat and runs in circles and barks at me.

So I got a new hat (it's freezing in the AM).

Dharma is sporting a beard.

And that's the news.

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