Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I had a lovely dinner with Kai at the usual spot in Carroll Gardens last night; our table was practically atop the radiator and it was candlelit and in some ways I felt like I was on leave, or it was my last meal. Or something. I couldn't have been in better company though; at one point he brought up the world "barnacle."

Later I ran into the Hex's neighbor, Therese, who's working on a new film about the American obsession with virginity (in women). It sounds awesome.

This morning the Hex and I enjoyed tea and unsually mellow conversation with the Goodmans in SoHo. We did discuss the day's best astronaut headlines: "Lust in Space" and "Dark Side of the Loon." Paul's show Tiny Dancer opens next month in Philadelphia. The Hex ran some errands he needed to do before leaving for Glasgow this evening, and I went back "home" and crashed. Then the Hex and I enjoyed Thai thali:

And then I crashed again. I am already feeling under the weather and have been mainlining the Airborne. I'm hoping it works and am debating going to tonight's optional meditation / meet-and-greet. Maybe it'd be wiser to stay here and rest up.

They sent us the schedule yesterday and it is daunting indeed. Thirteen-plus hours each day, and some days with no lunch break. This is hard for a pitta personality to imagine, let alone endure. But on other days there's a two hour lunch break. I've located a MetroNaps in the Empire State Building. You can take a 20-minute nap in one of their pods for about $15. And if you call ahead you can even order lunch. Although it's a cross-town schlep, it's just about near enough to make sense -- especially when I look at this:


5AM Awaken, toilettte, breakfast

6AM Get on F train

7AM Arrive at shala

7:15AM - 8:30PM Yoga sutra, asana, pranayama and meditation instruction, practice, discussion, plus co-teaching, etc.

8:30 Search for food

9PM Get on 6 Train

10PM Arrive in P-Slope. Eat. Bathe. Put out clothes and next day's food.

11PM Hit the sack.

Unless I can figure out how to do it while asleep, it appears there will be no time for blogging.....


  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    OMG (oh my god) no blogging!!!




  2. thali looks delicious! wow-what a schedule. good luck! will miss your blog and look forward to your return!