Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Dharma's Noon Level IV classes were so full and sweaty that I finally had to borrow The Hex's Mysore rug.

I started having breakthroughs in my asana practice the first day I used it.

The Hex, who is incredibly generous, said I could keep it. And even though I'd given it to him some years ago I took him up on it.

The rug seemed like it had the studio's energy (prana) in it, so when I got it home I decided not to wash it.

Early last week I threw it on the couch and began to do my first home practice since returning from NYC.

Kirby immediately ran over, laid on top of it, and commenced to taking a two-hour nap.


I don't think so.

For some really good cat pix click here.


  1. Kirby looks serene!

  2. dreyfuss dice clay7:48 PM

    I have some bedsheets that probably need washing as they undoubtedly have some of my "energy" in them.

  3. What, are you kidding me? You bring home a nice rug and you don't expect me to immediately lie on it? Did we just meet or something? It really is like you don't know me at all. By the way, there is no "energy" in the rug, but I did leave a fresh furball on it.