Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The F-train from P-Slope to Manhattan has been a nightmare.

It has a special, messed-up weekend schedule because there is ALWAYS repair work being done on it.

Saturday night I had to take four trains to get home. The 6 downtwon to the AC downtwon to the F uptown (?) one stop across the tracks to a downtown F. Don't ask why.

I have blisters from walking all the way to the AC on Sunday night in order to avoid the previous night's nightmare. After a long time I got to Jay Street in Brooklyn. When we arrived they announced the F was not coming due to some emergency and we had to go back uptwon to West 4th St. in Manhattan. At West 4th the announcements were garbled and made no sense.

I asked some women if they knew what was going on and shared my frustration and said, as if I was in a 40's movie, "Why, I have half a mind to take a taxi." At this point it was 10:30PM. They said "Where are you going?" I said "P-Slope" and they said, "That settles it." We shared a cab. Amazing. The Manhanttan Bridge at night; quite a treat. This morning the F was delayed, like, forever, and I was late for my seva (selfless service. ie; cleaning the stairs).

Last night I took the 6 downtown to the F to Brooklyn. At Carroll Gardens they announced there was an equipment problem and told everyone to get off. I ate my dinner on the platform while train stood there for 20 minutes. Finally, it left and another one came.

I did not lose my temper or stomp my foot once. All of this meditation and breathing actually works.


  1. the neverending scheduling "quirks" of each nyc subway line gives us ample opportunity to practice those much-needed yoga techniques.

  2. Jump the turnstiles never pay the toll....

  3. dreyfuss' travel coordinator10:57 AM

    Where were you when this happened? Chicago? This sounds like the delightful Chicago transit system as of late. Do you have a choice of what your selfless service will be? I choose to watch cats for friends who are out of town a lot. The stairs stay a mess, but at least my back and knees don't hurt, except when the cat scratches me.