Sunday, February 04, 2007


I was wearing this at the beginning of class today.

But it seemed wrong to wear it while leading the chants and teaching class.

So I took it off (yes, I was wearing something underneath!).

Current Bears coach Lovey Smith is no Ditka, that's for sure.

He seems, well, evolved.

As does Colts' coach Tony Dungy.

May the best man win....


And here are a few pieces of '85 debris -- some of which were used at last night's Performance.

Yes, that is John Madden's signature on my football. And it was used in my piece:

Not long after the Superbowl, Jackie and I were watching the All Madden Picks on TV. John Madden and co-host Pat Summerall stood in front of a background that seemed remarkably familiar – and then we realized it was Halas Hall. We grabbed our cameras and footballs, threw on our jackets, and raced to South Campus.

When the segment was over, Jackie and I pushed in front of the fratboys and got our pictures taken with the pair. We told them we wanted to be broadcasters, too. And then we got them to sign my football.

From "The Secret Life of Bears" (c) 2007 by Satya Cacananda

The piece seemed to go over well.

But when I looked up (which was often), I noticed that a couple of people had that look on their face that said, "We're here to hear Art. What the hell is this?!"

But they sat through it anyway.

Wonder what they're doing during the game tonight....


  1. should have kept the tshirt on. i wore an iggy pop shirt in class. yoga is everywhere, even in mike ditka. anyhow, jeff is watching the game at 8am today with a bunch of japanese football fans. that should make for an interesting story. shall he tell you about it?
    i can't make it because i'm teaching.

  2. It's even in Dreyfuss! And yes bindifry, we want to hear the Japanese take on da game.

  3. the japanese-most were rooting for the colts, but good natured. the crowd was civil, way unlike the sports bars in the states. 2/3 were not japanese. location choice-shinjuku instead of roppongi (in hopes of avoiding too many foreigners-roppongi is where most foreigners live). but the crowd's jaws were dropping throughout halftime show. especially during the point in which prince was silhouetted behind a white curtain causing the horn of the guitar protruding in his crotch area. i'm not sure anyone else caught that one, but it was a highlight here. loads of laughter.
    i must see a recording of that. someone must have it.