Monday, February 19, 2007


Dharma was out of town for part of the teacher training. It was no big deal; his students guided us through other parts of the training, and he was there in spirit anyway.

He returned on Friday and spent the entire day with us.

This included his Noon Level IV class.

The studio was packed to the gills with teacher trainees and regular students who'd been eagerly awaiting his return.

The main part of the studio is carpeted (which makes it less scary to try new poses). But even the hardwood floor was covered in mats.

Devotional music played on the stereo (a reminder of why we were there).

About 15 minutes into class Dharma looked a bald guy in the eye and said in his sweet way,

"Should we have some live music?"

Next thing you know, the guy rolls up his mat and disappears into the dressing room.

He reappeared few minutes later in street clothes, holding a violin.

He found a tiny patch on the floor to stand on, and began to play.

I of course immediately began to cry.

A few minutes into it, Dharma asked him to play a Ganesh mantra.

The bald guy played throughout the class.

Think of it: he gave up his asana practice to play for us.

Well, not just for us -- but for Dharma.

And for God, or whomever it is you believe in.

Karma yogis like that don't appear at just any studio.

How lucky I was to be there for an entire ten days.

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  1. You don't find something like that in Chicago very often.